The Escapade Pt. I

by aVIE
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Chutney Chasers

Out now:


a vie - to life.




Himalayan born ⛰
Houston livin' 🏙
Genre-less 🌀

aVIE's music, like its founder, encompass a world-reaching approach. From his nomadic upbringing to the classical Indian music his mother taught him, his sounds flow freshly into today’s Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop music worlds. He has previously played in alt. rock, metal, electronic and hip hop groups to lead to the foundation of this current sound. 

As it relates to R&B, this is music of the future, steeped in the dark rhythms and sonics of today, ingeniously invented for a 21st century audience. aVIE offers impressive production alongside of mesmerizing creativity and unwavering passion. This comes through in the enthralling live shows, the depth in songwriting, the haunting vocal sound, and the diverse instrumentation as seen in his debut EP, "Chutney Chasers" and releases from his sophomore EP, "The Escapade Pt. I". 


”This is something like trip hop with an edge of The Weeknd or even Prince. Fusing hip hop and RnB in a manner that ends up feeling like neither but just existing as its own thoughtful bit of sublime escapism.

You recognize the talent in so many ways throughout this EP. aVIE is a pleasure to discover and I look forward to listening to all of these songs again and again over the coming months. Absolutely one to look out for.”

- Stereo Stickman

“Each song is woven with inspired sonic spectrums, effectively bringing out a mature, and equally well-rounded perspective of his emotional journey.” 
- MusicExistence 

“Overall, this is an absolute slam dunk of an EP by an artist who is fresh on the scene but whose artistic identity and style is fully formed. With soul searching, intelligent lyrics set to music of eclectic style, emotional depth and restless invention, aVIE has a lot to offer the music world and I expect Chutney Chasers to make a strong impact.” 
- Faulkner Review



All of my lessons were learned here. All of my growing pains were felt here. All of my potential was realized here. 

The 6 song movement schizophrenically shuffles through my encounters with love, exotification, identity, addiction, and anxiety. Often times all at once in an overwhelming fashion. 

Colorization: gray/black, deep red, and rainy blue. 


Social Media : @avieonearth

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I n H o u s t o n . C a n ‘ t m o v e .





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